Wilhelminian charm + modern comfort

The old building of Schierker 19 was built in 1910 in Berlin’s typical Wilhelminian era charm. It comprises the front building, a backyard, the rear building and a second green backyard with garage and back exit to a small quiet cul-de-sac that leads through the neighboring historic Ilsenhof.

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Measures on Community property

In the course of the attic expansion, extensive measures on community ownership are planned by the condominium owner community. The Seller shall indemnify you from the costs of these measures, including:

Construction of a courtyard elevator in the front and rear building (1/5 cost sharing for rooftop buyers)
District heating connection
Renovation of stairwells, gate entrances and garden with bicycle parking spaces
Renewal of irrigation and drainage pipelines as well as electric risers
Installation of a modern intercom

Charm of the Wilhelminian Era

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Call us at  0152 0272 0002
Write to us at info @ schierker19.de

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Schierker Straße 19

12051 Berlin-Neukölln


KL Liegenschaften GmbH

Postal address:


Bürogemeinschaft Wannsee

Am Großen Wannsee 55A

14109 Berlin

KL Liegenschaften GmbH

Contact person: 

Anja Dieckmann

Tel. 0152 0272 0002

info @ schierker19.de

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